Culture of Family

We aim to be a community of people that practice what it means to do Church as Family; standing beside one another through the joys and complexities that make up our daily lives, resolving conflict, and joining in celebration with one another as true brothers and sisters in our Heavenly Father.

"Long-term interpersonal relationships are the crucible of the genuine progress in the Christian life."
+ Joseph Hellerman
“When Church Was a Family”

Gospel Communities


Gospel Communities are what we call our small groups at Journey. Gospel communities meet throughout each neighborhood and provide the environment for building deep community with each other that a larger gathering may not allow. Each Gospel Community ranges in size from 5-20 people. In these groups, we eat together, laugh together, and practice the way and teachings of Jesus.



Our Middle School and High School students meet on Wednesday nights at our NPR parish from 7:00pm-8:30pm.

Covenant Membership


To learn more about the vision, history, direction, leadership, and structure of Journey Church Tampa download our Covenant Membership guide.